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Grip Performance on Dry Road - 100%
Grip Performance on Wet Road - 100%
Dry Braking Performance - 100%
Wet Braking Performance - 100%
Noise Control - 100%
Comfort - 100%


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ContiCrossContact UHP is suitable for sporty SUV. This tire has excellent braking power and high stability during cornering.
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12 years ago
volvo xc 90 - 235/60R18
Driver has driven 50000 KM.
Grip Performance on Dry Road 5/5Grip Performance on Wet Road 5/5
Dry Braking Performance 5/5Wet Braking Performance 5/5
Comfort 5/5Noise Control 5/5
excellent tyres with reduced noice and long life of 38000 miles.

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