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Ecowing KH27
Good value for money and durable responsive controls all road surfaces type . Eco-friendly. With a mixture of the latest technology of kumho tire that help reduce tire resistance , more durable, long-lasting, fuel-saving .

Strong rubber structure

The C-CUT tread block design improves hardness. Tightness of the tire to control the speed of road adhesion. Enhance the softness of driving. With a round hole design. Front tire Reduces the hardness of the tire.

Ripple Design

Enhanced driving performance on wet roads. With special watering rollers, the different types of water quickly drain from the tire.

Smooth and durable.

Small rubber groove in the tire. Extends the life of the tread block.

Large drainage
4 large grooves to drain water from the tire. Quickly Optimized control on wet roads. Reduce watery symptoms.

Stylish rubber tire

Silicone design with ECO-ICONIC friendly symbols. With the environment 3D rubber chassis design Enhance your vehicle's outstanding image.

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