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The Kumho Ecsta KU19 offers a combination of a European-inspired asymmetric tread design with value oriented pricing. On the outside, the Ecsta KU19 uses Kumho's advanced high performance tread compound with Silica to enhance wet traction and braking performance. The asymmetric tread pattern's wide outer shoulder blocks enhance dry road cornering grip while continuous center ribs provide high speed stability and inner tread grooves increase water evacuation for wet grip. On the inside, the Ecsta KU19's twin steel belts are reinforced with spirally wound jointless nylon to provide high speed durability while delivering responsive handling and cornering stability. The Ecsta KU19's casing profile is reinforced with a polyester cord body, and optimizes footprint contact pressure and carcass tension to allow the tyre to retain its shape throughout its speed range.
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