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SUV drivers often choose safety features carefully. From ABS to Airbags and Route Control But they often estimate the important function of the tire is too low that just touch the road surface. In fact, good tires must guarantee safety and comfort first. The surface of rubber exposed to the road is equivalent to postcards.
Reduce braking distances - reflector technology with Michelin-Max 2.0 makes Michelin Primacy SUV tire brakes shorter than its predecessor and up to 2 meters to 2.3 meters shorter than the leading competitors 1.
- With Michelin State Dini made perfectly Michelin Primacy SUV stopped 1.9 meters shorter than its predecessor and 3.8 meters shorter than the leading competitor 2.
10% better wet road adhesion - With a tread pattern with a reinforced rubber compound, the Michelin Primera SUV road has improved by 6% compared to its predecessor. And 10% better than the top 3 competitors.
Sleek and comfortable - Michelin's Cushion Card and Michelin technology absorb the road surface and impact. It gives you a smoother ride.
Michelin's overall performance - Michelin's overall performance makes the drive safer and smoother. While maintaining the tread life and fuel economy.

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