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Grip Performance on Dry Road - 100%
Grip Performance on Wet Road - 80%
Dry Braking Performance - 80%
Wet Braking Performance - 80%
Noise Control - 100%
Comfort - 100%


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PROXES C1S is a new premium tire designed exclusively for luxury cars. The engine offers excellent stability in high speed, quiet and smooth driving. These features make it worthy of luxury cars.
PROXES C1S has low rolling resistance. As a result, fuel savings. And it is another way to love the world.

Production technology
Soundproof that help in reduce noise level.

A symmetrical tread It helps to have better control.With silence And a smooth ride.

Rubber groove designed to have a small hole. Help in driving more gentle.

The 5 different tread patterns are low noise models.

Wide and straight rubber grooves help in rolling water.

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ชัยณรงค์ นีละวงค์
3 years ago
TOYOTA CAMRY - 215/55R17
Driver has driven 165000 KM.
Grip Performance on Dry Road 5/5Grip Performance on Wet Road 4/5
Dry Braking Performance 4/5Wet Braking Performance 4/5
Comfort 5/5Noise Control 5/5
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